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I hope you enjoy your visit. This site has no purpose whatsoever. (Except maybe to provide family and friends a method to access Crow Family information.) Thanks to the wisdom and excellent teaching skills of my wonderful and beautiful daughter Samantha, it provides me an opportunity to explore the concept of web site development. So, to begin ... below you will find two pictures of me with my lovely and loving wife Helen and my charming and brilliant daughter Samantha. The first picture is when I graduated from College. The second is when Samantha did.
Dan graduates from Washburn - May 1990Samantha graduates from Stanford - June 2003

Our family home is in a wonderful old neighborhood in Topeka, Kansas, known as Potwin Place. Potwin residents love to celebrate Holidays. The 4th of July and Halloween are especially fun. Here are a couple of pictures of our old Potwin house:
Crow's Potwin Home in Summer Crow's Potwin Home in Winter
Crow home

I am blessed with a
wonderful family. Check out our family blog at The World of Crow. I am also fortunate to have some very good friends that I work with and play with. We have also gotten to know some very interesting foreign exchange students from all over the world.

While Samantha has traveled to the
far reaches of the world, she now lives in a charming old apartment in downtown Palo Alto, California. She works at Google. You can visit the Google website here. Or, if you'd like to join Helen and me as we visit Samantha at Google you can click here.

Helen works
here. Don't miss her unbelievably cool web site. I work here. To see some of my favorite old cars, you can go to my car page. Or, if you like chocolate as much as I do, go here.

Before you leave, please take with you the beauty and wisdom of the words sung by Louis Armstrong in
What a Wonderful World. Thanks for visiting. I hope you had a good time. More importantly, I hope you take time to love your family, cherish your friends and enjoy your life. Peace.

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